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Rosetta Li Photography

A little bit about me and Liv & Love Weddings

Hi there! I'm Olivia

A seasoned wedding planner with a passion for curating unforgettable celebrations.


With a WPIC certification, I bring a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge to every event. I thrive on the intricate details, seamlessly weaving together every element to create a tapestry of love and beauty. My genuine enjoyment of the process ensures couples feel at ease, knowing their special day is in capable hands.


With me as your planner, your wedding will be a reflection of your unique love story, executed flawlessly and with heartfelt dedication.

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Liv & Love Weddings is determined to create unforgettable and personalized wedding experiences that celebrate love, joy, and unity, exceeding our clients’ expectations and making their dreams come true.


To be the most trusted and sought-after wedding planning company, renowned for our creativity, attention to detail, and commitment to making each wedding a cherished and magical moment.


Passion for Love

We are driven by a deep passion for love and commitment, recognizing the significance of weddings as a celebration of the union of two souls.


We believe in the power of personalization, tailoring each wedding to reflect the unique personalities, values, and preferences of the couple, making it an authentic representation of their love story.

Respect & Inclusivity

We respect and embrace diversity, ensuring that our services cater to all cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs, creating inclusive and welcoming wedding celebrations.

Aside from wedding planning...

  1. I'm Russian and can speak the language fluently.

  2. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Toronto Metropolitan University, with a focus on Media Business and the Art and Business of Film.

  3. My passport and I are inseparable! I'm a travel enthusiast, exploring diverse cultures and landscapes around the globe.

  4. Beaches are my happy place. I thrive in the sun, sand, and waves, making any coastal destination my ultimate relaxation spot!


Rosetta Li Photography

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